Friday, March 13, 2015

Shot Went Great

All ready the old joints are starting to feel better. Amazing what a shot can do when you're in pain. I hope it last longer then the last one. But no matter, even if it's a couple of weeks, I'll take that, that means it's a couple of weeks more when the pain isn't so bad. I don't think I have been pain free for years now.

We stopped and got Chinese Food for lunch and brought it home. They give you so much, I saved my soup, will warm it today, I like the Hot Sour soup. I use to get Kung Pao Chicken, but now I get the Cashew Chicken with fried rice and an egg roll.

Well, I have to get off computer, run to doctor office to pick up some prescriptions, drop them off, run to daughters to see Baby Kitty that use to live with us, when daughter and granddaughter lived with us, then back to pick up the prescriptions. By that time it will be lunch time. Have a Subway card, we might just pick up subs for lunch.

It's raining here. Hope the sun is shining where you're at. I understand it's to rain all day. I prefer the sun, but we did have that yesterday, which made for a really nice day.

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Linda E said...

So thankful the shot did the trick! Until one suffers like we do, they cannot even realize how much relief we get. You had chinese, we had japanese!