Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Went to the doctor yesterday, wasn't feeling well and had this itching on my lower back, right side. Had one of our daughters that was here for Easter to look at it and she said Mom, that looks like shingles. So I thought at 78, I better get to the doctor as quickly as I could. I do know this past year (2014) has been a very stressful year to say the least. Don't know if stress causes it or not. I am on medication and hoping that will take care of it. You may not see me on here for a few days, but I'll try checking in every so often. Want to rest as much as possible and get over these things as quickly as I can.


Linda E said...

Praying you dont have much pain and the shingles clear up quickly. Take care of you...we will be here when you feel like posting.

Terra said...

Sometimes shingles is very mild and I hope that is the kind you have and that the medication clears it right up.