Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wed. Evening

Today was the final time we have to meet with the lawyer about my Mother's Estate. Everything is now settled. I am so glad it is all over. Very hard on the mind and body. It will soon be a year ago that Mom passed away from the car accident. Before we met with the lawyer one last time, we got us a Maid Rite Sandwich and a Chocolate Milk Shake. We were to be at the lawyers at 1:30. Then on our way from Greenville back to Brookville, we drove through Arcanum to look at what the man has been doing to Mom's house. It looks very nice and he's installed lights on three sides of the garage, which is very smart.

On Wed, it's time to refill our pill keepers for the week. So I have that to do, and also collect all the trash for tomorrow, since Thursday is our pick up day.

Friday May 1st. our son and his soon to be wife, I call her our daughter-in-law now, are flying in and will be flying out on the 5th. A quick visit. But it will be nice to see them both. We saw them last year in May, they were here to celebrate our son's Birthday which is May 10th. and Mother's Day before they flew back to Fl. where they live. Little did we know they would be back in a few weeks to attend mom's funeral.

By the time I get the two things I mentioned done, it will probably be 10pm. I move rather slowly. LOL And it's all ready after 8pm. Hope you all have a great evening. I may not be on here again until they leave. So everyone be happy and enjoy the Spring like weather we had today.

Here is a photo taken of Mom and Chris last year on his visit.


Linda E said...

I know you are great to have everything settled about your Mom's can drive us nuts with things left up in the air. My Mom died when I was 34 and she was 60. Enjoy your son and daughter in law while you can. Happy Mother's Day to you, and we will look forward to your return to blogsville!

Wanda said...

What a lovely picture of your mom and Chris.

We understand how long it takes to settle an estate. When Aunt Trula passed, it was over 2 years but it was finally over.

ChrisJ said...

Lovely photos of your Mom. I am feeling much better but have to have exploratory laparoscopy in a few weeks. So we'll see what happens after that.