Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Anniversary
Was Sunday, July 12th. We celebrated 60 years, which doesn't seem possible.
I will post a few photos the girls took. Our daughters were here, two Grandchildren and my one Brother, Sonny and his wife Eva.
Angela, Melinda & Noah, Becky & Margaret, Melissa & Audrey, Sonny & Eva, plus Abe and myself.
This was taken in July 1955
Taken July 12, 2015
Angela acting silly, looks like she's trying to eat a flower.
Melinda and her son Noah.
Becky & Margaret
Melissa & Audrey
My brother Sonny & wife, Eva
Part of the family
Delicious food!


Linda E said...

That is fantastic! I can tell you had a very happy anniversary and wishing you many more happy years together.

Abraham Lincoln said...

It was a good day.