Thursday, July 02, 2015


I had a bone density test. Not sure why, I figure at my age, if the bones are thin, not much they can do about it now.

I also get to go next Friday the 10th. to get a Trigger Injection. I am looking forward to that. Becky drove me over for the test today, so I wouldn't have to walk so far, she could drop me off at the front door of the building.

She also takes me for the Trigger Injection, that doctor is at Miami Valley Hospital, I could never drive it myself. We can't get in to see the doctor until 12:45. Apparently he has surgeries until then. Becky also lets me squeeze her hands while the doctor is injecting me. After it's all done and he gets ready to leave, he gives me a little hug. I was telling my family doctor about that and she asked if he hugged all the patients, I told her I didn't know. She said maybe I was special. LOL I figure it's because I sit there quietly and try not to move around while he's sticking that needle into my back in different areas.

Had one in March and we were going to do one a month for a while, but then I got the shingles in April and pneumonia in May. Since I figured June should have taken care of everything healing and me getting back to feeling better it was time to start on the joints again. It hurts some at the time I'm being injected, since he sticks the needle in more then one spot, but the next day, sometimes the same day, I start to feel so much better.

This is Thursday, so pasta night again. Fettuccine, salad, Becky picked up a loaf of long skinny bread to bake and she also picked up chocolate cupcakes. Of course we eat on paper plates, so there isn't much to cleaning up. Last week, believe it or not, I got it all ready and the girls then cleaned up the mess after we ate.

Today the weather has been a very nice, but the mold is very high outside. It seems everytime I come in from outside, I cough a couple of times, then sneeze a couple of times, then give out a couple more coughs, then ok, until I go out again.

Abe's bronchitis is getting better, but I think he should go back and see the lung doctor. I guess he'll have to feel worse then what's he's feeling before he does that.

Everyone have a great evening.


Terra said...

How good Becky gave you a ride to those two doctor appointment. I hope the Trigger injection has brilliant healing results for you.

Linda E said...

Glad you are going to get the trigger injection. I know the epidural helps me tremendously when I get them. I can only have 3 a year tho. Nice your daughter will take you to the door and you dont have to walk. That is what I hate. They have valet parking where I go, thankfully. Enjoy the 4th!