Monday, December 26, 2016

‘Twas the day after Christmas and I wore my new blouse.

I wasn’t very hungry, but I ate through the house.

The cookies went down first with a chaser of milk, Next came the pie, what else but French Silk.

The gravy was nestled inside mashed potatoes, While my eyes gazed upon the cheese topped tomatoes.

And me with a napkin tucked under my chin, I settled myself down and just dove right in.

When deep in my mind I heard just a whisper, I tried to ignore it and eat my fifth dinner.

I grabbed for the drumstick and took a huge bite, The food on the table was calling my name, Saying, “It’s not that much, I’m sure you won’t gain”.

When what to my glazed over eyes should appear, But a vision of loveliness causing me fear.

With a shape that was lovely, much thinner and leaner, I knew in a minute it was my Weight Watchers Leader.

More rapid than eagles she bore down upon me, Grabbed the fork from my hand and pushed away the pastrami.

In a voice full of passion, it caused such a tremor, She said “Christmas is over - today’s like any other!”

Throw the cake in the trash! The cream soup down the disposal! Toss away all the candy and pack up that streusel.

What food you have left take to the Senior citizen home. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it if you can’t leave it alone.

You can eat what you want but please watch your portions. So you can step on the scale with smaller proportions.

Your new blouse is pretty in that new smaller size, But soon it won’t fit unless you are wise.

Go get a work out at your favorite gym. Or just go for a walk if you can’t fit that in.

Why not dance until dawn til you feel like you can’t. You’ll thank me later when you fit in your pants.”

Then as quickly as she came she vanished away, Saying “Be at the meeting the very next day”.

But I heard her exclaim as she drifted from here, “Christmas is over but you still have New Year’s.”

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Winifred said...

That's a good one Patty.

Hope you have had a great Christmas.