Monday, March 13, 2017

Haven't been on for a while. Had some health issues, got home from the hospital the same day our son and his wife arrived for a short visit. They live in Fl. He was hoping we might have a little snow so his wife could see what it was like, so there was enough, he was able to make a couple of snow balls.

Doctors and all the testing they did, doctor's finally figured my double vision was from a slight stroke in my right eye. After a couple of weeks it has gotten better. So no more eye patch. I still haven't tried to drive, still have double vision when I turn my eyes to far too the left. My blood pressure and sugar are both under control, they said this just happen with the two problems I have, PLUS old age. So there you go. I am 80, take medicine for both high blood pressure and sugar.

I had a physical therapist for a few weeks, showing me exercises to do to make my legs stronger. From not doing much, the legs tend to get weak. Well I have some clothes I need to wash and dry. Then it will be time to think of something for supper. I don't get that hungry and nothing sounds good, I do have some canned Navy beans, Abe loves them, will add a little ham for seasoning and serve them to him over butter bread. He loves it that way. Myself I'll probably have a peanut better and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk.

Everyone have a great evening. It's pretty chilly here today, damp, cold and chilly, I'll be so happy when Spring arrives


Small City Scenes said...

Sounds like everything or most everything is under control. Well at our age---what control!!! LOL

Winifred said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better Patty. Take care of yourself.