Saturday, January 19, 2008


Finally among the living again. Ha!Ha!

Our trip to Dancing With The Stars, well lets just say, as my Mother said, it was an experience. Music was so loud we had this thumping in our chest and feet.

When we first got there and saw where our seats were located, we knew there was NO WAY my Mom or I could go down those steep steps with no hand railing. And if we did make it down, getting back up would be twice as hard. My daughter said she didn't even realize the seating would be that way, although since it was an arena she said she should have known. For some reason she thought the seating would be more like it is at a theater.

We all said it was nice, it was different, but none of us want to do it again. We've decided to sit at home and watch it on TV. We can adjust the sound to the level we like, we can watch it in our night gown if we want and be real comfortable, plus we can get up and move around as much as we want.

They charged my daughter $65.00 each ticket, then when we get there, the parking garage charged her $10.00 to park, it was raining lightly, we had to go all the way to the top level to find any parking. Then walked to the elevator and got to the level where the doors to the arena were, and then had to walk some more to get to the door, after getting inside, and shwoing the person standing by the door the inside of our purse, we had to walk almost all the way around the arena to the other side to find our seats.

Thank goodness, the seats above us were not taken, and we only had to climb about five steps to get to those seats plus there was a hand railing to hold on to. I have no idea how anyone in a wheel chair found a nice place to sit.

Wayne Newton was the main attraction, it was suppose to be Marie Osmond. Poor Wayne's voice sounds terrible, I thought for sure he was going to lose his voice before the two hour show was over. I understand he is a severe asthmatic, perhaps that was one reason his voice sounded the way it did. It was a nice Christmas gift from Becky, but like I said, we all agreed, we won't do it again.


Melinda said...

well I was wondering how it went. I talked to grandma yesterday and she did not say anything about it!

Melinda said...

of course I forgot to ask her too

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, dear, what a dissapointment, Patty! The best seats are always in the house, in front of the TV, aren't they? Sorry it turned out the way it did.

Keep warm!