Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Another quick post. Didn't get home until around 7pm, really tired tonight. Today went well. They decided to go ahead and do the heart cath this afternoon. The two blockages we knew he had from three years ago when they had done a heart cath, have rerouted themselves and are working. Of course probably not as well as the original way it was desgined, but it's working and the one that was open is still open, so they didn't have to put in any stints or do anything. Heart doctor did say the enzymes in his blood show that he did have a mild heart attack and that probably happened when the heart was going so erratic. He said, once the lung doctor releases him, he can come home.

So I told Abe tomorrow I will stay at home and wait for his call. Three days of running back and forth and sitting all day in the hospital has worn me out. If for some reason the doctor either doesn't release him or doesn't come in, then we both can have a day to rest. I know he's getting very good care where he's at.

So that is the latest.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh,Bless your hearts. My prayers are with you.. They will fix him right up.. God bless you both..I know this must be hard.. Yes, Get as much rest as you can.I guess that's probably easier said than done..
Bunches of hugs....

Wanda said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Patty ~~ you are both so loved in Blogland.
I've seen several get well posts for Abe as I read other bloggers today.
Love and Hugs as always,

Melinda said...

Mom please remember to take care of YOURSELF too.....we love you!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Patty.. I agree with Melinda that you too need to rest now. Everyone is thinking of you both and will understand if you leave off blogging for a day or two.. I do hope this finds you well, rested, and ready for the next few days.

Rosy said...

Patty thank you for the updating here and at Abe's blog as well where I also left a comment at.
I am suprise to see that you are able to post at both blogs.

Also thanks for sharing your sweetheart photo with us here.

Renie Burghardt said...

I was here last night, but there was no posting yet. So I came to check this morning. You rest up, Patty, and my prayers continue for both of you. It's raining and thundering here, so this is a quick visit. Thank you for the update, and God bless you both!


chelle's winks said...

Oh Mrs. Patti, I haven't stopped by in a while (sick kids and all), I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Glad to know things are getting better now. You make sure you get enough rest so when he comes home you can take good care of him.

My thought and prayers are with you both and I'll be back for your updates....

Take care,


Mild Red (The Person Formerly Known As Ananke) said...

Isn't that the truth about sitting in a hospital all day? I think running a marathon would leave me less tired. I hope you're both able to get some rest today before Abe comes home. Still keeping you both in my prayers! :-D

carl h. sr. said...

Dear Patty,You and Abe just got another 'Our Father' prayed for y'all.I know well from experience that you can't give the best care if you don't take care of yourself as well.God Bless you both.

smilnsigh said...

I found your blog!

I'm glad the heart stuff was fine. And hope he's "good to go," from the lung doctor.

Wishing you both much, much wellness. Both of you have to be very tired out. You take care of yourself too, please. But you sound as if you're wise enough to do so.

'Course, when we bop over the 70 {and the 71 one for me} milestone, we have to learn to pace ourselves.
Have to. :-)

Many hugs,