Thursday, June 05, 2008

Are You Aware Of This??

Handy Little Tip In Case You Didn't Know.

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Reynolds Foil Box

Go to the kitchen and check this out for yourself.. Who ever looks at the end of your aluminum foil box?

We all use aluminum foil, which is great stuff, but sometimes it can be a pain. You know, like when you are in the middle of doing something and you try to pull some foil out and the roll comes out of the box. Then you have to put the roll back in the box and start over.

Well, I would like to share this with you. Yesterday I went to throw out an empty Reynolds foil box and for some reason I turned it and looked at the end of the box. And written on the end it said, "Press here to lock end." Right there on the end of the box is a tab to lock the roll in place. How long has this little locking tab been there?!?

I looked at a generic brand of aluminum foil and it had one, too. Then I looked at a box of Saran wrap and it had one too! I cannot count the number of times the Saran wrap roll has jumped out when I was trying to cover something up.

I am sharing this with my friends who did not know this. If you know, then pass it on to others whom you think may not.

I just received this in an e-mail. I had forgotten but I knew these tabs were on some boxes, but I always seem to forget to press them in when starting a new box. So I just went to the kitchen and pressed the tabs on my generic foil and also my generic plastic wrap. But I did notice on my Reynolds Cut Rite ( wax paper) box it does not have these tabs, perhaps it doesn't have a tendency to jump from the box. LOL


Wanda said...

I just had another blogger friend share this "hidden" advice it seems very few of us ever knew.

BTW Patty, thanks for your comments on the "bird house". I do plan to persue the story behind it, and who might live there and feed the birds.


Betsy said...

What a great tip! I feel so silly never knowing that! I used the last of my foil yesterday, too! The new one will have the ends pressed in for sure! Thank you!

DeeMom said...

good tip, thanks for passing it on

Gramma Ann said...

I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip;)

Renie Burghardt said...

I feel like a ninny, but I didn't know that either. Great tip!

Good night, Patty.


reader Wil said...

I didn't know it either! Thanks for the tip. I don't use aluminium foil very much, for I rather use the microwave than the oven.

The 4th Sister said...

you are the sweetest make my day....I can tell your kids all love you so much...

Martin Stickland said...

Wow, nice one Patty, I must see if the same thing is on our toilet roll because I am fed up with chasing the roll around the bathroom (washroom)floor with my pants around my ankles!

Hope you are both well!

photowannabe said...

Well, I learn something new everyday. How come I never knew this before. Every box of saran wrap "jumps" out of the box and I spend half my time getting everything bak in and working again. This will be the next thing I do today.

Melinda said...

I never knew this either mom till Patti sent me that email