Monday, July 28, 2008

Sorry I wasn't on today

My Day

Had a dentist appointment at 9:20 for Abe and 9:30 for me for teeth cleaning. Did you know, it doesn't matter if you have 8 teeth like me or a full set of teeth, they charge you the same amount of money.

Got back to Brookville around 10:45, non blogging daughter and I went to visit my Mother. We ordered a pizza in the town she lives in, took that and chips to Mom's house, Mom had made some fresh and canned fruit salad, we had lunch and visited all afternoon.

Got home around 6:45, changed my clothes then mowed. Was finished around 7:50, was hot so I set on the swing for about 20 minutes listening to and watching the birds and letting the cool breeze blow over me. Came in and turned on computer to see if there was any urgent e-mails. Made my move on two Scrabble games I am playing on line with friends. Getting ready to shut down the computer and get Abe's coffee set for morning, and hope to watch some Family Feud games I taped.

Hopefully later I will get around to read the blogs I check out seach day. But I do have a hair cut at 10:00am. Hope everyone sleeps well tonight.


Gramma Ann said...

After a day like that you deserve a break...

I hope you have a good nights sleep..

Renie Burghardt said...

Good night, Patty. Don't let the bed bugs bite! LOL.

I'm just glad all is well.


Shionge said...

Just like I was there with you sharing this wonderful day :D

Nancy said...

Did I ever tell you what the quote was for cleaning one of my cat's teeth? Better sit down for this take into consideration that a cat doesn't have all that many teeth, and that it's mainly the 3 that are all one piece on each side of the top jaw that need cleaning. Are you ready? $371 and some odd cents!!!!! That was even after my 10% discount!!! LOL LOL LOL

Needless to say, I have my own cat tooth scaling tools so I did them myself! I use Listerine on a Q-tip and then I have a special mouthwash just for animals that In use that kills bacteria. I have done most of mine for years myself unless they are really bad. I did my son's cat's teeth her entire 17 years, and her teeth and guns look so healthy.

The vet puts the cat under anesthesia, IV fluids administered during the short procedure, then a shot of antibiotic and 2 shots for pain!!! ($$$$$$) And a lot of other rubbish such as a fluoride treatment!!! LOL And also a dental sealant!!! Good grief!!! I thought oh, hell, no, I'm not paying more to get a cat's teeth cleaned than I pay for my own!!! Can you imagine THAT? LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))