Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another nice e-mail I received this morning

Makes sense to me
Barack Obama is OUR president elect. From this point forward we must pray in hope that our prayers will benefit him and our country. Any resentment we harbor and/or worry will only plant bad seeds and can stand to break our country apart. Hopefulness and support for our first black president can bring about enormous changes within and outside of our country.

If his presidency does but one thing, lets people of all religions, races, and backgrounds just get a glimpse of the real promises of this country he will have accomplished more than any of us. Perhaps a new beginning of hope and prosperity will be born for the generations after us that we so deeply worry about.

The majority has spoken, and they said they do not care what color you are if they believe you can lead this country. Give him a chance with honest hearts and open eyes. Let's pray and let's unite. Let's remember that our prayers are not always answered in the manifestation we envision them to be and that God has always shown us that through our uncertainty God has a plan for us.

Even if we don't agree, we need to support him and we may just find that this door opened might be a new and bright future for this country and for us as individuals.

Just as we are often faced with loss of jobs, we may lose opportunities, and have other misfortunes, remember it is always God's way of pushing us in new directions
that we were too afraid to take or realize on our own.

May God walk beside him and through him lead our country to the promise that was always intended for us. Remember, God has infinite wisdom and he has a greater plan far beyond what we can see, envision or think. May God continue to bless our great Country -- America the Beautiful.

I have no idea who wrote this, but I think it is a very nice article and a lot of people can benefit from it if they take the advice.


Annake said...

Amen! And let's hope partisan bickering doesn't keep him from doing right by the country.

Melinda said...


For the life of me I cannot imagine how anyone (and I know you and dad and most of the family voted for Obama).....but I cannot imagine how ANYONE could justify seeing anything "legitimate" in Obama that would qualify him to lead anything....let alone our country. I don't get the "qualifications" and no one else seems to have any specifics either.

I do agree ... we all need immense prayer now...

Preston said...

Here! Here! What a great post. Let's all look forward towards a brighter and better future!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I agree with Melinda, we need immense prayer!!!
Great post, Patty!

Wanda said...

We have strong family differenced too when it comes to religion and polictics.

But we are Americans, and need to do our part as part of this great country for the next four years.

Another opportunity to vote. That's what I love about this country.

Love and Hugs

Cat said...

Family differences, yes, it may be a week or two before I pick up the phone to call my dad. I'm sure he won't be calling me but that's ok I still love him.

Great post.
(Do you want to send it to my dad? ;-))

Renie Burghardt said...

I did not vote for Obama, but now that he will be the leader of our country, I will support him. The next 4 years will tell if he can keep a few of the promises he made. God bless the USA!


Had some hot and sour soup at the Chinese Buffet today, among other things. I like almost all the dishes, in small portions, and even love the crab rangoons, but only indulge in a few, since they're deep fried. LOL. Friday, we go to Mi Casa, a Mexican restaurant, and will enjoy that one as well.

Have a good night, Patty.

Mississippi Songbird said...

AMEN is right! Prayer does wonders!

carl h. sr. said...

Win or lose,I have the right to vote and I excersised that right!
Before I went to bed on the fourth I had a fairly good idea that my man wasn't looking too good in the numbers.
In the morning I avoided any news until I read my morning bible readings.All of a sudden,whoever the winner might be,I knew that the only thing I could do from then on was to pray for God to lead our country's leader.
Peace came with that realization.

Nancy said...

No comment on this one except that our country needs prayer more now than ever. Obama will hang himself in given time...and take our country with him. We are slowly becoming the minority in the South. No one would understand that unless they lived here. And for him to want to end the war....then they will all be over fighting on American soil. Neither candidate was the ideal candidate, though. I'm just glad it's over and done we can get on with normal living again. LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))