Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today is our next to the youngest child's Birthday

Becky (Rebecca) Sue
The Non-Blogger weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 ozs. We named her Becky, but I later went back and changed her birth certificate to read Rebecca.
She was around 9 months old in this photo. I am going to insert photos, showing her at different ages. One photo is showing her holding a charcoal drawing she did. Perhaps when she retires, which will be soon, she'll start doing charcoals again.
Holding her niece that will be 27 on March 17th.
Becky and her sister MelissaPhotobucket

Melissa and Becky
Becky and her partner Margaret

Happy 47th. Birthday and many more.
We love you, Mom & Dad


Melissa said...

That looks shes giving with Dad she still gives that same look!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Becky!

Anonymous said...

May god shower peace & smile forever for always.
Happy Birthday !!!

Reader Wil said...

Happy birthday to Becky! And many more to come!

jinksy said...

Happy (late) Birthday, to yet another Pisces person.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Happy Birthday, Becky!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really a nice post about Becky. I remember all of the photos and to me it is amazing that even in her early photos, she looks like Becky.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Happy Birthday, Becky!!

janice_phil said...

Hi! miss patty..btw thank you very much for sharing me the history and meaning of ur name.thanks a lot...oh and I would take this opportunity to greet your youngest a happy happy birthday and may she live full of happy, love and joy throughout her life...God bless with your beautiful family...great married..i wish i cud marry a man that will last a lifetime like u do..hehe!!! mwah!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY oneca again to becky or rebecka...hehe!

Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful pictures, Patty. She looks especially adorable with her Daddy, and fishing!

A Very Happy Birthday to Becky!!

And many more!!


The Mulligan Family said...

Happy Birthday Becky! Great photos. Love the charcoal she did of Stan Laurel. My mom was an artist. She did a beautiful oil painting of Stan Laurel. I still have it hanging in our family room.

Cheers! Cindy

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ A very Happy Birthday to your Becky. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration together. What a lot of work for you, but a labor of love, no doubt. Audrey should enjoy it too. My back is good, it's just my one lege that hurts to walk
but gradually getting better.
Sue and Bob are characters all right. Some of their jokes, I couldn't post. You should sleep well tonight my friend, after all your visitors. Take care,my friend
Love, Merle.

Rosy said...

"Happy Birthday Becky!! Great Photos too!

Rinkly Rimes said...

My daughter was never going to be called anything other than her lovely name, Rebecca. But she get's Becca from us and Bex from her friends.

Brenda said...

I thought in her younger pictures she favored her Daddy. Happy Birthday to Becky! I love looking at pictures.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Becky!!! You have lots of birthdays this month! Those pics....How cute!!! It doesn't get any cuter than those that!!! She is one talented young lady, too...guess she takes after her daddy for her art abilities. That charcoal drawing is gorgeous!!! Does she do this for a living? If not, she should!!! She is really GOOOOOD!!! I know you are proud, and rightfully so!!!

((( HUGS )))

Tomate Farcie said...

Happy belated birthday from California!

Becky, you should blog! It can be time consuming, of course, but it's also kind of fun! You get to make friends with people all over the world.

I really enjoyed looking at these pictues. I had the same kind of haircuts back in the days. ;)