Saturday, May 23, 2009

Old Time Remedies

Treatments from back in time, very effective medication!
No wonder the older generation talks so much about the GOOD OLD DAYS. The whole world must have been stoned out of their minds!!!
Bayer's Heroin

A bottle of Bayer's heroin. Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine. It was also used to treat children with strong cough.
Coca Wine

Metcalf Coca Wine was one of a huge variety of wines with cocaine on the market. Everybody used to say that it would make you happy and it would also work as a medicinal treatment.
Mariani wine

Mariani wine (1875) was the most famous Coca wine of its time. Pope Leo XIII used to carry one bottle with him all the time. He awarded Angelo Mariani (the producer) with a Vatican gold medal.

Produced by Maltine Manufacturing Company of New York . It was suggested that you should take a full glass with or after every meal. Children should take half a glass.
A paper weight

A paper weight promoting C.F. Boehringer & Soehne ( Mannheim , Germany ). They were proud of being the biggest producers in the world of products containing Quinine and Cocaine.
Opium for Asthma

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Cocaine tablets (1900)

All stage actors, singers teachers and preachers had to have them for a maximum performance. Great to "smooth" the voice.
Cocaine drops for toothache

Very popular for children in 1885. Not only they relieved the pain, they made the children happy!
Opium for new-borns

I'm sure this would make them sleep well (not only the Opium, but 46% alcohol!!!!!)

And we worry about aspirin for children today???


Old Wom Tigley said...

These are excellent Patty.. my how times have changed.. I am going to email your blog link to my niece who is a hospital pharmacist. I know she will find this very amusing.

Martin Stickland said...

Those were the days!!!

Hi Patty, I hope you are OK, sorry I have not been around for a while but I want to try and get back to blogging every day again now we have moved house.

I hope you and Abe are keeping well, shake Abes hand from me!



Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, I've never heard about this before! And even the Pope carried a bottle of that wine with him? And teachers drank it for maximum performance? And.....gee, you are right, they must have been the Good Old Days. Everyone felt good all the time. Haha.

We had a beautiful day today on the river, but tomorrow and especially Monday we're to have torrential rains! Don't know how that will work out for a cook out! Guess everyone will have to bring along their umbrella's. Haha. We'll just have to wait and see if the forecast is right. Nature has a way of changing one's plans!

Hope you've had a good Saturday.


Brenda said...

I have seen these same ads in some old catalogs I have collected. Hard to believe isn't it...but it is true.
I think paragoric was used when I was small. Potent stuff!

Reader Wil said...

That's a very interesting post Patty! I didn't know that so many drugs were used.Thanks for your visit! Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Old days always - The Best.
Present days materialistic which makes life breathless. I wish wishes were basics only.

Shionge said...

Oh Wow...I'm in awe at what they produced back in those days :)

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your visit Patty! My legs didn't hurt after the cycling, only my right knee is swollen, but that's because I polished the parquet in the livingroom. I get treatment by a physio therapist.

nituscorner said...

very interesting...true then that we are all but drug addicts.hehe!!!i specially liked cocaine for tooth aches....may be it would make the dentists more popular if it was used!!!!

Granny on the Web said...

Did anyone live through to tell of the cure? Looks like everyone was a high as a kite including the Pope!!
Fantastic bit of research Patty.

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Blimey Patty. Uncle Tom passed these on to me and they really made me laugh. Its amazing what they got away with eh? I wonder what the infant death rate was in those days with all those concoctions...

The Mulligan Family said...

Holy Moly! That's just crazy! "non addictive" heroin... Too funny!

mommanator said...

Yes but they didnt have much to cure other things, like pennicillin, etc
great post

Twisted Fencepost said...

I had no idea these drugs were even discovered back then.
No wonder it was called the good old days.
Gives a whole new meaning to my good old days. Maybe they weren't so good after all.

Margaret Cloud said...

When I use to bottle hunt, we found medicines like these, they still had a little left in the bottom and did they smell strong. Very nice post and very educational.

bb mcclain said...

Good golly!

Kathleen said...

OH Patty.

Sitting here showing hubby.
LOL he says the bottom one is 90 proof.

Telling mom on the phone at this moment.She remembers Paragoric!LOL

Pat - Arkansas said...

Paregoric was still available when my kids were born (1955-61). A drop dissolved in water was great for colic.