Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Someone sent this to me on July 2nd. Saved to use now.

A Well-Planned Retirement
- From The London Times:


Outside the Bristol Zoo, in England , there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 coaches, or buses.

It was manned by a very pleasant attendant with a ticket machine charging cars £1 (about $1.40) and coaches £5 (about $7).

This parking attendant worked there solid for all of 25 years. Then, one day, he just didn't turn up for work.

"Oh well", said Bristol Zoo Management - "we'd better phone up the City Council and get them to send a new parking attendant . . . "

"Err . . . no", said the Council, "that parking lot is your responsibility."

"Err . . . no", said Bristol Zoo Management, "the attendant was employed by the City Council, wasn't he?"

"Err . . . no!" insisted the Council.

Sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Spain (presumably), is a man who had been taking the parking lot fees, estimated at £400 (about $560) per day at Bristol Zoo for the last 25 years. Assuming 7 days a week, this amounts to just over £3.6 million ($7 million - or $280,000 every year for 25 years)!

And no one even knows his name.

Apparently (according to SNOPES) this is a FALSE story, but I still find it funny and I could see it happening some place.


nanny said...

Oh My, glad it isn't true....I could see it happening too!

Gramma Ann said...

So glad to hear it wasn't true. But, stop and think about it....if he worked there making that much money why hang around 25 years? I would have been gone after the first million. ;)

Granny on the Web said...

He had the right idea for his pension plan!
Patty thanks for the answer to the conundrum, I have tried several ways and must have kept doing something wrong.
I think I have got it now... a test post scheduled for 04.34 tomorrow. I want to share the news with another blogger who is puzzling over this.
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

That is an incredible story. Really. And there are probably many more people doing that or similar things and we don't know about that either.

Renie Burghardt said...

Glad it isn't true as well, and hopefully, it couldn't happen! But it is funny.

Have a great evening, Patty.