Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still working on my computer

Thursday evening while opening my e-mails, I either opened one with an attachment that had a virus and I wasn't warned, or it happened after viewing the last e-mail with an attachment, and then I saw an e-mail, something about Mail Failure, normally I don't open these, was told they sometimes have viruses attached.

But after sending 28 pages I had scanned to a distant cousin about the Custer Family, I wanted to make sure it wasn't saying the e-mail didn't go through for her. So I clicked it and as soon as I did, my computer froze up, wouldn't let me out of the internet, so I did the shut down at the switch thing.

Well let me tell you, when I turned on my computer again, it came up with a screen saying start in safe mode and a few other options, but it still wouldn't start in any option. Friday morning, thank goodness, Abe and I both stayed calm, and he was able to get it to reformat. Which means I also lost everything I had on my hard drive, because like a dummy I had not backed it up onto my free standing hard drive. So I've lost a lot of things, thank goodness all of my e-mail addresses were till there but not my favorite listings.

Lost photos and documents. Address list for my Christmas cards and the Custer Reunion list, but I did have those backed onto the free standing hard drive from when I switched computers in 2007. Only thing is, there have been some up dates since then, which I don't have, will have to go through papers and list I had printed out from earlier to check to see if I can find everything. The photos I can probably find from my kids blogs and etc.

This will teach me to do backups more often. LOL So bear with me, I hope to get around to reading blogs again soon. I have stopped off at Face Book and played a few games, have to have a little enjoyment now and again. LOL I guess that's why I always hate getting a new computer, because of having to transfer things and make up new list and etc. Takes me a while to do all of this.

Happy Sunday.


nituscorner said...

hope all your problems gets sorted out not comp savvy myself and really dread for such shortcomings.... that i often encounter and surely can do without. lol.
have a g8 week ahead.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed why anti-virus didnt detected the virus ???
I know it is tough time but patience is the answer.

Granny on the Web said...

What a bummer! Easy to say, back-up, back-up, like shutting the door after the horse has bolted.
What these ignoramuses get out of sending these things to other computers and causing mayhem, I just don't know. What a sad little existence they must have.
I can only pray, God will help them see the light!
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Now we know. I was happy to help.

Renie Burghardt said...

That Abe comes in handy now and then, doesn't he, Patty? LOL.

Email is great, most of the time. What we do without it? But like with everything, there sometimes is a snake in the grass that can cause a lot of problems. That reminds me, I must back more of my stuff up as well, pronto!

Hope things will be all well again soon!

Have a good night.


Ocean Girl said...

Make new, don't worry about what is lost.

Anonymous said...

Hope you recover all the lost data soon... am on the process of taking backups all the files and folders now in my system :)

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Twisted Fencepost said...

Take your time.
Sorry this happened. You would think people would have something better to do than invent computer viruses.

KPPatty said...

You would be amazed at what a computer place might do for you. I lost ALOT of stuff after my last computet flurb. My computer savvy husband tried to recover, along with his computer department at work & a very computer literate friend. No one had any such luck. I finally after 3 years had the hard drive still so I took it to the local computer place here & the next day they called with the news. I held my breath for the bad news. When did I want to come & pick up my hard drive along with the disk of RECOVERED info? They had to have called the wrong house. I had a family tree I had been working on on it that I thought I would never recover. Well I hope you could end your story this way. Just do not ever throw a hard drive out to quick!

Denise said...

I am so sorry you had this problem Patty.