Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do unto others

True story:

It was a Sports Stadium. Eight Children were standing on the track to participate in a running event.

* Ready! * Steady! * Bang!!!

With the sound of Toy pistol, all eight girls started running.

Hardly had they covered ten to fifteen steps, when one of the smaller girls slipped and fell down. Due to bruises and pain she started crying.

When the other seven girls heard the little girl cry they stopped running, stood for a while and turned back.

Seeing the girl on the track they all ran to help.

One among them bent down, picked her up and kissed her gently and inquired as to how she was.

They then lifted the fallen girl pacifying her.

Two of them held her firmly while all seven joined hands together and walked together towards the winning post........

There was pin drop silence at the spectator's stand.

Officials were shocked.

Slow claps multiplied to thousands as the spectators stood up in appreciation.

Many eyes were filled with tears

And perhaps even God's!

YES!! This happened in Hyderabad India, recently!

The sport was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health.

All these special girls had come to participate in this event. They were spastic children.

Yes,they were Mentally Challenged.

What did they teach the WORLD?

Teamwork? Humanity? Equality among all?

Successful people help others who are slow in learning

So that they are not left far behind.

This is really a great message... Spread it!

E-mailed to me from my friend in Holland, Wil


Reader Wil said...

This story moved me to tears! Thank you for posting it!
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday too.

reanaclaire said...

Yes, it takes them to teach us humility... what a touching post!

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ What a wonderful story
and those girls sure can teach the rest of us a thing or two. Loved it.
I am much the same, the medication is only just kicking in so may need
to have more.
Glad you liked the Paddy jokes and the boy at the barber.
Have a great week ahead, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Patty said...

Wil, that is from an e-mail you had sent me some time back. Thank you!

Gramma Ann said...

It's amazing what young ones can teach by their actions and conduct. If only the world would listen.

Brenda said...

FABULOUS message here. Love it! Thanks to you for posting it and to Wil for sending it to you.

Clytie said...

Wow, I too am moved to tears. This is what we should be teaching our children, mentally challenged or not.

Cheryl said...

A most wonderful story to be shared.

Rosy said...

A wonderful and touching message here indeed!

nanny said...

What a wonderful message! We can all learn a great lesson from this one!

Renie Burghardt said...

I agree with the other posters, a wonderfully touching story. Thank you for sharing it.

ChrisJ said...

What a wonderful story! Perhaps there's hope for human nature. I worry about Abe. Is he doing OK? The photo you have of the both of you is So wonderful. I guess he must be doing OK because he sure is taking some good photos.

Babli said...

Very emotional and touching post. You have conveyed a very good message.

Margaret Cloud said...

TRhis was really an inspiration to us all, thanks for sharing.

Twisted Fencepost said...

We should all care about others as those girls in your story cared about the one who fell.
Sweet story, Patty!