Friday, February 12, 2010

Good evening

I should be watching the opening Olympics
But here I sit. LOL. Our non-blogger daughter, took our granddaughter who was out of school today, and myself to Beavercreek, which is about a 35 min drive from our house, if roads and traffic are good. My appointment was for 9am. We got there about 8:55, I signed in, got back into the examining room about 9:30. Doctor came in, checked the knee, I had a shot in this knee back in 2007 and it helped it so much. He said we'll try it again. Now I could have lived with the knee pain, I have so many joints that ache almost all the time, but I was favoring it more and more and putting the weight more on the right knee which in turn was causing the hip and lower back to hurt a lot.

So off we went. This doctor is a very likable man, and he's also one that doesn't make you feel like he's talking down to you and since you're not a doctor he knows more than you do. I like this type of doctor. In fact he retired after 25 years in the Air Force and he still looks so young. But hey when you're 73, everyone looks young. LOL I despise doctors that act like they know it all and only their way is the right way and after all they went to school for so and so many years and you the patient didn't. But they also have to remember, you the patient know how you feel.

After the shot, we left there and non blogging daughter drove us to the Esther Price Store. I didn't even remember to grab one of the samples before we left. LOL They have so many things to look at. I'm cheap I only spent about $15.00, non blogging daughter spent about $45.00 or more. This candy is made in Dayton, Oh and is sooo good.

We left there and drove back to Englewood's K-Mart. I used one of my gift cards, from Christmas, and bought a couple of items. Then we drove across the street to a Chinese place called the China Palace. I love Hot Sour Soup and steamed rice with Kung Pao Chicken. I also got two Crab Rangoon with my meal. I couldn't tell you now what my fortune cookie said.

After we had our lunch, we drove out to a small store they operate in a building by their farm house, called A Bushel and A Peck. They sell bulk food, spices, dried food items, natural foods and nutritional products. The nice thing is, they also package smaller quantities for people that don't want large containers. I got some chocolate covered raisin, Granddaughter likes those, Malted milk balls, which we all like and some chow mien noodles, which I was thinking were the kind they serve with the soup at the China Palace, then realized when I got home they aren't. But we can still snack on them.

We left home about 8:15am and believe it or not, we were back home about 1:30pm. So I think we covered quite a bit in that time period. And my knee is feeling great at the moment.

Haven't had much time to get around to visit my friends blogs, but perhaps I'll get it accomplished tomorrow. Good night all, have a wonderful evening and a terrific week-end. Try not to get snowed in, unless you are sure you have a supply of food laid in. And plenty of snacks and comfort foods. LOL


kavita said...

Well ,you sure had a great evening with your non blogger daughter(every time i read this term ,i had a smile on).You are lucky..your Docs are always good.Dying to know what your fortune cookie said ...but it is fine.Have a great weekend !!

Abe Lincoln said...
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Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice post and I am with you on doctors attitudes, our doctor is very good and has that bedside manner and he does not rush in and rush out, I hate that. We have a store here similar to your Bushel and A Peck it is called Pick and Pack. Hope your knee is feeling better. Have a nice weekend.

Brenda said...

You made me wish I was there. The store that sells the smaller amounts sounds great. All of the things you bought sounded tasty. I had a shot in my foot for the tendonitis a few years ago, and it made such a difference. AND I had a good Dr. also, like you. Unlike the arogant Dentist I had a few months ago! Have a great weekend Patty!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, going here and there with your non-blogging daughter and your granddaughter! I hope your knee is feeling much better and the shot worked.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like you had a busy day! Glad your knee is feeling better. Nothing worse than having to shovel snow with a bad knee.