Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These are so cute, some one e-mailed them to me.

Panda Bears
I hope this is an incredible day brightener for you. The Pandas were for me. Someone said if there is reincarnation she wants to come back as a Panda knowing how many smiles her mere presence could bring into so many lives. One of many Mother Nature's gifts to our species-------

Mum? Can you come and get me down now?

I'm not coming out. You'll have to come in and get me.

Kung Fu Panda....bring it on!

On the count of three.... lift!

Does this log make my butt look fat

Betcha can't see me.....

Oops! Slight miscalculation.

You go. I'll just stay here and rest my head a little bit.

It wasn't me! I didn't steal this bamboo shoot!
It was just sitting here, I swear it!

I'll give you 2 seconds to get off me or I'm calling Mom.

Pardon me but do you have a napkin?

Damn paparazzi! Could we have a little privacy please?

Dear Martha Stewart:
I have this brown stain on my nice, white, fluffy butt...

Shhhh!I'm reviewing...

I cannot believe that I'm stuck in this tree again.
What is the matter with me?

I'm sure there's a way out somewhere.
I saw an ant go this way yesterday.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

Pandas looking for lost earrings...

Absolutely nothing accomplished.
The perfect day for a panda...


Anonymous said...

They are the cutest pictures ever!! Don't they look so big and cuddly?... not sure they truly are though ;0)

Cathy said...

Hello Patty
You would never guess what - we had the very same email arrive this morning - they are the cuddliest looking things aren't they. We saw them a few years ago at the San Diego Zoo and now the zoo in Adelaide South Australia received a couple last month so we hope to see them when we are over there in April.
Thanks for you email - I won't say a word lol
Take care

Anonymous said...

That is such a beauty of nature that I smile & tears & smile. All I have to say: love you God And yes, Thanks for sharing the photographs.
- Excellent.

dyanna said...

Wonderful photos.I love Panda.

Sunny said...

The Pandas are just adorable, you can't help but smile looking at these wonderful pictures.
Sunny :)

reanaclaire said...

they are so so so cute!!

Sandy said...

ahhh adorable. My 3 1/2 year old grandson has told me for the last three months that Pandas are his favorite animal. I'll have to show him these next time I see him.

Mental P Mama said...

They are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

I got this same e-mail yesterday. I absolutely LOVE pandas. I'm sitting in my office right now, looking at the life-size stuffed panda and stuffed baby panda sitting right next to me.

Babli said...

This is one of your best post. Panda bears looks so cute that I feel like playing with them. You have captured wonderful shots. Each and every picture is marvellous. Amazing pictures of panda bears. I appreciate for this lovely photography.

Gramma Ann said...

Those were so cute, thanks for sharing.

Margaret Cloud said...

Yes I feel so good and smiled all the way through the pictures. I can't pick a favorite, they are so cute, thanks Patty. I noticed on your side bar that Sherry is doing good, still praying for her.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Patty, Those Bears are really cute, not sure you would want to cuddle one though.All the best to you and Abe.

Renie Burghardt said...

They're just too cute, Patty. And the captions were perfect.

Have a great evening.

Cheryl said...

Oh these are great! I absolutely loved each and every one of these photos Patty! You have the best smile makers ever!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Patty! These surely made my day! These little Pandas are just so cute and lovely! I just hope they'll stay for hundred more years despite the threat of extinction:(

Thanks for sharing this and making our Days Happy :D


Wanda said...

Don't you just want to take them in your arms and hug them.

Thanks for a delightful post.

claude said...

I love this post, Patty. Panda is the most beautiful bear of the world. They are so cute face.
Some of these pictures maked me laugh.
Thanks patty for this funny moment.

Clytie said...

Oh thank you - I needed that this morning!!!

ChrisJ said...

Oh yes...another day brightener. These are such fantastic shots, but the comments are a riot!

The Mulligan Family said...

I love panda bears SO much. They are absolutely adorable. And, those photos and captions were perfectly perfect! They brought a huge smile to my face! Thanks!

Beth Niquette said...

How darling! Oooooh--thanks for sharing these! (grin)