Monday, October 18, 2010

Hope one of these bings a smile to your face.

The Logic of Marriage - A Child's View

Jack, a very young lad aged 4 years, says to his father, 'Daddy, Daddy, I want to get married.'

His father explains, 'For that Jack, you have to have a boy and a girl.'

So Jack answers, 'I've already found a girl.'

'Who?' splutters his Dad.

'Grandma,' continues Jack happily.

'Now, let me get this straight,' his father says. 'You want to marry my mother? ................. You can't do that.'

'I don't see why not?' Jack responds, 'You married mine!'

* How To Make A Marriage Successful

'The thrill, the excitement is gone from my marriage,' George complains to his mate, Tony.

'Why not add some intrigue to your life and have an affair?' suggests Tony naughtily.

'But what if my wife finds out?' frowns George.

'Lummee, George,' explains Tony, 'this is the 21st century we live in, mate. Go ahead and tell her about it.'

So George returns home and says, 'Poppet, I think an affair will bring us closer together.'

'Forget it,' replies his wife. 'I've tried that - it didn't work.'



reanaclaire said...

Jack is smart.. hahaha.. im sure his grandma will love him to bits!

Lady Di Tn said...

Jack's logic is so cute. When Puppy was going to day care a couple days a week, a little girl followed him everywhere and told him she was gonna marry him. He came home and asked me what marrying meant. I told him that was when a girl moved in with him and started rearranging all his stuff. He promptly told her the next time he saw her that he was not getting married. Peace

Arkansas Patti said...

Love the logic of children. Lady Di Tn's story was really cute also.

kavita said...

Lolz ! Loved both the stories .

ChrisJ said...

Chuckles from Carlsbad! Sort of like my husband's humor.

Margaret Cloud said...

These are funny and cute. I know most little boys want to marry someone they love.

Ann said...

I am wearing two pink bands on my wrist. My young students age 6, said, Oh yes, we know , You had breast cancer.