Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will and Guy (More groaners) LOL

** An Alternative Medical Dictionary **:
Submitted by Nigel Morris

Artery: The study of paintings
Barium: What Doctors do when patients die
Caesarean Section: A neighbourhood in Rome
Cauterize: Made eye contact with her
Colic: A sheep dog
D&C: Where Washington is
Dilate: To live long
Enema: Not a friend
Fibula: A small lie
Genital: Not a Jew
Impotent: Distinguished well known
Labour Pain: Getting hurt at work
Morbid: A higher offer
Nitrates: Cheaper than day rates
Node: Was aware of
Outpatient: A person who has fainted
Post-Operative: Letter carrier
Recovery Room: Place to do upholstery
Seizure: Roman Emperor
Tablet: Small table
Terminal Illness: Getting sick at the airport
Urine: Opposite of "You're out"


Arkansas Patti said...

Those are dandies and actually do make sense.

Lady Di Tn said...

Lots of southern Node about these. LOL Peace

~Cheryl said...

What a hoot! Thank you for a ton of laughs!

Margaret Cloud said...

These are pretty good, liked the cesarean one, good smile for the day.