Friday, January 20, 2012

I love Will and Guys newsletters I get, because it gives me something to post on my blog.

Bizarre Labels:

1) Peanuts - May contain nuts.

2) Puma shoe box - Average Contents: 2
International Yacht Varnish - Not suitable for marine use.
Guy wonders if this was a translation problem, or whether it was by design?

3) Birthday Card for a 2 year old - Not suitable for children under 3.

4) Superman outfit - Does not enable wearer to fly.

5) Child's Scooter - This product moves when used.

6) Meat Product - Oven ready half-wild rabbit.

7) Mozzarella salad bagel. - Keep refrigerated ...
avoid the fridge.

8) Sleeping Pills - Warning, may cause drowsiness.

9) Shop Window Advert
Seen by Will in a café window in Emsworth, W. Sussex:
Cleaner Lady Wanted.

By an amazing coincidence, Guy used to live in Maisemore Gardens Emsworth.


Lady Di Tn said...

I am so glad you get those letters so you can share the laughs with us. These were great. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace

Jackie said...

Someone couldn't make these up...and I'm thinking that a lot of them have those silly labels because of frivolous lawsuits. (Perhaps even this one: "Superman outfit - Does not enable wearer to fly" (could have a long story somewhere) ...whaddaya think? :))
Great smiles, Patty.

ChrisJ said...

Wonderful 'bloopers'. I love that you love their news letters , then we get to enjoy them too.

islandwonder said...

4) Superman outfit - Does not enable wearer to fly.

Definitely my favorite.

Country Mouse Studio said...

It really makes you wonder, doesn't it?