Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mom Went Home

She arrived here from the rest home on July 15th. She went back to her own home on Aug. 21st. Even though I personally thought she should stay a few more weeks. So far from Tuesday till today when I ask her how she feels, she says she's not feeling too well. I don't think she is eating like she should. She's a diabetic which means she needs to eat at regular times, especially when taking her medications.

She's also got another bladder infection and is taking antibiotics for that. I told her perhaps she needs to call her family doctor and go see her again. They had wanted to do an ultra sound of the bladder and she doesn't want to have that done. She's had her bladder tied up a total of three times, and it just doesn't seem to hold. She said she's not going though it again.

It seemed very strange the first couple of says after she left and went home. She wasn't always sitting here in a rocker, talking to one of us or the dog. I could hear her talking to the dog, telling him what a good boy he is. I think even the dog misses her.

Yesterday I took fried chicken, potato salad, cranberry/apple/nut salad and a lemon pie to Mom's for lunch. Becky drove me. My brother who is still living at Mom's was also there for a bite of lunch. Becky doesn't eat meat, I got her mac and cheese, some pimento cheese spread to make a sandwich if she wished and some potato wedges. She saved the cheese spread and ate a bite of supper/dinner with us and use the cheese spread for a sandwich at supper time. Abe wasn't that hungry, so I fixed him a smoked sausage sandwich, Audrey and I had cold chicken, then Audrey made herself a catsup sandwich. She loves to put just plain catsup on a bun like a sandwich, nothing else, and eats it. I think Mom enjoyed us bringing up some lunch, she said they ate the left overs I left for them for their supper.

Mom's plastic brace thing came off her arm on Friday the 17th. and she thought she was going home that day, but I reminded her the therapist told her even if the doctor removed the brace, she would like for her to stay at least till Tuesday when she came back again. So she did, but as soon as the therapist left, the car was loaded and off we went. LOL Mom said she had never been away from home that long at one time before. She went from her fall on June 21st to the hospital. They kept her over night for observation and was going to send her home the next day, I was still recuperating from my cellulitis and was suppose to keep my leg propped up a lot. I called the hospital and asked if they were kidding about sending her home the next day. So the small hospital where she was taken when she fell, said they would check into things.

Which they did, then she had to stay on Fri., Sat. and Sun night in order to go to the rest home on Monday June 25th. They took her to rehab here in our town at a local rest home.She was there three weeks which is all Medicare allows, she could have stayed longer, if she had paid out of her own pocket. She rented a hospital bed and we set it up here for her. She had her own little area to sleep and even go to if she wanted to nap. Rest of the time she was with the family and all of our confusion. LOL Like I said she arrived here on July 15th. So yes, this probably was the first time she was ever away from her own home that long, from June 21st. to Aug. 21st.

I think it's going to take her a while to get back into her own routine again. She has to remember she's not as young as she was when she broke her left wrist about 20 years ago. She'll be 90 in Dec. Personally I think she's doing quite well considering. She's been crocheting a little again, that's always a good sign.

Well enough of my ramblings. Melissa and Audrey went to eat out, this will be the last week-end for a while that they can do that together. Melissa will be working every week-end for this next quarter of classes. She'll be working three days a week and taking classes four days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Today is my older of the two brother's birthday. He's 68. He doesn't have a blog, but he's on Facebook. Sonny Custer. My other brother is Mike, he turned 65 this past April. And my only sister died at age 42 from breast cancer, she was four years younger then me. Those numbers all seem foreign to me. LOL


Helen said...

I would think you are pretty much worn out yourself. My goodness, just about everyone wanted something different to eat. You should have except for your mom told everyone, there it is fiend for yourself.You made me tired just listing all those things and knowing you had to do most of it. I hope your Mom does ok at home.

Ann said...

You sure have been busy since the last time I visited. I hope your mother is doing much better. It is nice your brother is living with her, at least you know someone it with her each day. Have a nice week-end. I hope Isaac doesn't drop to much rain on you this week-end.

DeniseinVA said...

I hope your mom feels better soon and that you have a nice quiet and restful weekend.