Monday, February 24, 2014

I Like These Good Clean Jokes
Chat Room

When my son Jared began spending lots of time in the Internet chat rooms, I worried that his grades would suffer. I made him promise to do schoolwork until I returned home at 5 p.m. One day at 4:30 I decided to check up on him. Using my office computer, I went on-line and entered his favorite chat room.

To my dismay I saw Jared's name among the list of current participants and immediately decided to teach him a lesson in front of his cyber friends. "Jared," I typed, "this is your mother, and you are grounded for two weeks!"

"Hi, Mrs. Beyeler," came a reply. "This is David. Jared's doing homework right now, and he said I could use his computer. But I'll be sure to let him know that he's been grounded."

Oh the help Mothers can find now a days. I get one clean joke in my mail box every day. Most are pretty funny.

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linda eller said...

I love the jokes you post most every day...keep 'em coming! And have a good Monday and week ahead my friend.