Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Makes Me Think Stories (MMT)

Today, my dad handed me a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels as we got in the car. He turned to me and said, “I just talked to your mom while she was on her lunch break. She mentioned her windshield got covered in bugs on the drive to work. Since we’re going to drive right by her work anyway, I figured we’d clean them off for her. It’s the little things, kiddo, which keeps love going.” By chance, while my dad was cleaning the windshield, my mom came out with her kids for recess. Her smile and seeing how in love my parents are MMT.

Today, at work we suddenly got very busy and I had to make several sandwiches while being yelled at by a coworker. After I was finished and was close to tears a lady came up to the counter and said, “You were the one who made my sandwich right? I just wanted you to know that it was amazing! Every time I come here you have a smile no matter how busy it is.” Her validation when I needed it most MMT.

Today, I woke up because of a rumbling outside. I looked out the window to see my teenage neighbor, who I rarely get along with, dragging my trash can up my driveway out of the wind. MMT

Today, I was at my job as a hostess. It was an especially hard day, and many customers had been rude to me. One man was sitting alone, eating at a table beside me. As I stood there, close to tears, he looked me in the eye and asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I was going to school to be a teacher. When he left, he hugged me and handed me a twenty dollar bill. He said, “Make a difference, sweetheart,” and left. MMT

Today, my mom had my grandfather - my dad’s father - over for Easter Sunday dinner because his wife passed away and my dad was away on business. My mom and dad have been divorced for 13 years, but my mom didn’t want my grandfather to be alone. Her kindness MMT.

Today, a young man three seats away from me on the airplane purchased a meal. When his debit card wouldn’t work, the woman next to him gave her debit card to the flight attendant. As she did this, the young man said “thank you” and asked the flight attendant if they offered military discounts, as he’s active duty. The flight attendant handed the woman her card and told them both it was on the house. MMT

Today, eight of my female students, who are all on the soccer team, showed up in class with dramatically shorter haircuts. After they found out their soccer coach had been diagnosed with breast cancer, they all went together yesterday afternoon and each of them donated 14 inches of hair to a cancer charity for wigs. MMT

Today, I saw an older man sitting on a bench in Bryant Park wearing the same exact brand and style coat and boots I donated to a local charity for the needy this past holiday season. I’m not 100% sure they were the items I donated, but when I walked by the man, I said, “Nice boots!” And he replied, “Thanks. A special someone gave them to me for Christmas.” MMT

Little short stories, each one special, I thought.

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linda eller said...

The stories are all good, but what is MMT?