Saturday, October 24, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday was a running here and there day. Finally got my invoice straightened out by going to Time Warner Office. A person I had been talking with on the phone, not sure of her location, either couldn't or just didn't want to take the time to help. Put me on hold, so she could talk with her supervisor (which I doubt) came back and said there wasn't anything more she could do. I think she put me on hold and chatted with the others in her office and then connected again and gave me that story. Sometimes you run into a person that does not want to go beyond what they might call their duty to help another person, but still they would be first in line waiting for help themselves. Like I said, I did not know her location and like a dummy I didn't ask, although I doubt she would have given me a correct location to begin with.

We just wanted to see if I could get my billing lower, they sent out a new billing due in Nov. and it had jumped like $30.00 dollars. No one seemed to be able to tell me why. Our one daughter said, the lady I talked with sounded like the same one she talked with last month, so she went straight to an office about 25 miles from us, and got lots of help and the woman was very polite. So she took me there and I am very pleased with the results. The young woman was very helpful and seemed happy to do it. Apparently she likes her job. The one on the phone apparently hated her job. But then she also had a name that has probably been hard for her to spell her whole life. That could account for her attitude. LOL I know I can't spell it.

After we went to Time Warner, we stopped at Menard's (spelling). I had forgotten how large of a store it is. We were in there for quite a while. I got some batteries double A, since it seems we're always running out and a new light for above the table. The one we have, the way the light bulb sets in it, and no cover over the bottom, seems to hit everyone's eyes and they are always complaining about it. This one has a cover over the bottom, plus a light bulb they claim never needs to be replaced. We'll see, since it's built in, I guess that would mean we would have to buy another light fixture. This was on sale but still cost more then the one hanging there now.

Then I asked her if Chinese sounded good for lunch. So we came through another town to pick up our lunch and brought it home, so we could also get Abe one. I was going to call him and let him know, so he wouldn't go out and eat lunch in town someplace, but daughter had forgotten her cell phone and it was in the sack she had taken her lunch in the day before, which was at home on her counter top. I said, we'll get him one and if he's all ready had his lunch, I'll reheat in the micro wave for his supper.

Then Becky and I set around the table and talked for a while. About 4:15, she said she had to go, her and Margaret were going to Huber Heights as soon as Margaret got home from work. Of course I could have taken a nap, since I didn't sleep that well the night before, but instead I turned on my computer and time certainly can get away from you when you're on the computer. I fixed him a fried bologna sandwich, some watermelon and tapioca pudding, plus a Sweet Marie Bar Becky had made the night before when she came over for Pasta Night on Thursday. I warmed up my Hot Sour soup I didn't eat at lunch time.

That's how my Friday went. Abe wanted to know if Becky and I were going to come into the room and watch some TV with him and we said no, we had enough Thursday Evening watching the Clinton Interrogation.
Have a great Saturday. Feel like staying in my PJ's all day, but I have to run through the Drive Thru to pick up a bag of ice, although I could do that by slipping on a light weight jacket, it's only about three blocks away

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Winifred said...

Sounds like an interesting day Patty! Thank you for sharing it.
You're lucky to have offices you can go into to get things sorted out. Here it all has to be done on the phone & usually to someone in Asia! All about saving money. Theirs, not our! Our banks are going the same way, all the smaller branches have gone & all the advertising is about Internet banking.

Well they can go & jump. It's not that I can't use the computer, I buy lots of stuff on it. I'm just not that daft to use it to bank with. Just look at what has happened with TalkTalk this week. Their site has been hacked & who knows how much personal data including bank details have been lost to the hackers. Thankfully I'm not with TalkTalk we left them about 4 years ago because they were useless. Our Internet was constantly down & it was so slow. Glad we went back to BT. It's a bit more expensive but worth it for good service. Just hope their site is more secure!
Enjoy Sunday!