Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday morning

Good morning, another snowy, icy day. We got more snow last night and then a thin layer of ice over the snow. I have a large kettle of beef vegetable soup cooking, that will be our lunch and supper today. I enjoy fixing something like this saves me a lot of work, since we can eat from it all day. Someone sent me this very nice web site, so please take time, set back for about five minutes, turn on your speakers and enjoy this slide show. Some really beautiful photos and the music is great. Just click



Anonymous said...

Really nice photos. I like the music too.

Chica said...

We got snow here again today as well, went almost 2 weeks without it. Not happy to see again

You have a great weekend too Patty, that soup sounds yummy! :)

Martin Stickland said...

Thanks for the funny ecard and birthday wishes Patty, I hope you and Abe are wrapped up nice and warm!

Have a good weekend!


Wanda said...

I'm so behind in my reading and commenting Patty...this has been a "full" week. Things are slowing down now and I plan on spending Saturday morning just sitting with a cup of coffe and catching up!
I will watch the "Beautiful" tomorrow.

Thanks always for you sweet comments.

Wanda said...

My husband was tired and went to bed, the house is quiet, so I decided to come back and watch the pictures before turning was well worth it.
Beautiful ....that's a good title.
Sleep well

Old Wom Tigley said...

I enjoyed that... twice.. ha!
Have a good weekend... that soup sounded better than Abe's coffee soup ;o)