Thursday, May 14, 2015

Good Morning
Ever wonder about this?


Jackie said...

I smile.
My desk is full to the max....but I'm not so sure about my mind.

Linda E said...

Hmmm, good question! Albert the brain would ask a question like that. Mine is 1/2 clear and1/2 clutter. What does that mean? Wishy washy maybe!!!

Terra said...

At work my desk was cluttered with many projects I worked on. I called it "organized chaos." I guess that means my mind is not empty.

Winifred said...

My desk was just like when I worked. I wish it was as tidy now because it's the dining room table!

Luckily I shared a room with someone who made me look like I had a tidiness obsession. Once when she was on holiday there was an awful smell coming from the room. It got worse by the day until eventually we discovered a plastic shopping bag filled with rotting cabbage under a pile of files on the floor!