Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Morning

Looks like rain. Dog gets his toenails cut this morning at 10am. I've been taking it easy. Didn't feel to well over the week-end. Had an eye appointment early Monday morning. While I was at eye doctor Abe called family doctor to see if they could work me in. I had a really sore throat. Saw the doctor and she ordered a chest x-ray. Said she thought I had pneumonia.

Sure enough I do. So she is giving me the strongest antibiotic you get get in pill form. I go back Friday for a recheck with her. Our one daughter brought over lots and lots of Marie Callendars frozen meals so that should be easy enough. She thought even her Dad can prepare them if need be. He's been having it in his back. Also he got up with a really sore throat this morning. So I want to see if he can get in to see the doctor either before or after the dogs appointment and if nothing else will cancel the dogs appointment until next week. It's just his toenails.

That's about all that's been going on around here.


Jackie said...

So glad you are on strong meds to knock out that pneumonia, Patty.
Thankful also that your daughter brought food over that is easily prepared. Very thoughtful....
Sending good wishes, lots and hugs and smiles your way.
Feel better, my friend.

Linda E said...

You two sound like us...if we didnt have 'ailments' and dr. appts. we would know what to do! Hope you both get better real soon. The dog can

Wanda said...

I'm so very sad you and Abe are sick.....but hoping and praying you are well soon.